Administration Overview

     The tabs across the top of the CenturyABS Administration page each access different data and are described in this overview. For more detailed descriptions of each Tab, read about each below.

A brief overview:

Add or Edit
    Makes | Models | Features | Body Types | Colors | Personnel | Locations | County Information | Tax Jurisdiction

Change Default Numbers:
    Fees | Car Sales Tax | Inventory Tax | Sales Tax | Late Fees | Contract Default Values 

Setup Error Printing:
    If there is a problem this will alert the customer and explain what is wrong.

Vehicle Tab

     This is the first tab visible after pressing the 'Administration' button on the main CenturyABS window. This is where additional vehicle descriptors may be entered, these additions can then be chosen when a user adds a car to inventory and/or edits a vehicle. 

tabVehicle (27K)

Vehicle Descriptors

The descriptors that one can add are:

     Makes and Models | Body Styles | Features | Color

  • To add a new descriptor to any of these, you must first select the one you want by clicking on the name of the descriptor with the mouse. These descriptors are found in the list labelled 'Vehicle Classification' on the left of the visible window just beneath the row of tabs.

  • For example; to add a vehicle Make or Model ensure that the "Makes and Models" descriptor is selected

  • Press the 'Add Make' button below the 'Makes' section that is visible to the right of the 'Vehicle Classification' list and an entry box will appear; Type the name of the make you want to create. Next, check to make sure it is correct.

  • After you click the 'Add Make' button and have entered in the new make. It will appear in the 'Pending Update' box, this box is located just above the 'Exit' button and will look similar to the picture below. To finalize all updates you have made, simply press the 'Apply Updates' button under 'Pending Updates'.

  • Editing existing entries can be done in the same method as was described above. To see the models associated with your existing makes, click on any Make. Editing/Adding new models is done exactly the same way as described above. The same is true for all of the other descriptors as well.

Personnel Tab

tabPersonnel (13K)

Adding a New Employee

     Enter the employees Social Security Number first. Next adjust the appropriate date of birth. Followed by entering the employees First and Last name, address information, phone numbers Drivers License Number. Enter the employees desired ID this will be used to log in also it will be selectable in the Deal Types. Change Date Hired to today’s date.

     After all of the above is done press down Add Employee. A success box will appear. The new employee is now in the Database.

Editing a Existing Employee

     To the right of the text: “Employee to Edit” is a Combo Box. Press the arrow and choose the employee that needs editing. Once a employee is chosen the fields should display the existing data on that employee. Simply change the information in the box or boxes that are incorrect. When the corrections have been made, press the Edit Employee Button. A confirm Edit box will appear. Check over the changes making sure everything is correct then select OK. A success box should appear. The Employee is now edited. 

Default Values Tab

tabDefaultValues (17K)

Default Values Tab

Fees Car Sales Tax
Enter a value in the number box to the right. Then press the "Update" button. The Value entered is now available in the Locations Tab.

Inventory Tax:
Enter a value in the number box to the right. Then press the “Update” button. The Value entered is now an available choice in “Tax Jurisdiction” directly to the right in the “Default Values Tab”.

Sales Tax:
Enter a value in the number box to the right. Then press the “Update” button. The Value entered is now available in the Locations Tab. Differant locations may be under differant Sales Tax.

Repo Fee:
Enter a value in the number box to the right. Then press the “Update” button. The value entered will be auto populated in the Repossess Car menu after you select a car to repo.

Default Late Information
Min Late Days:
By law, fifteen days must pass after a payment was due before a late fee charge can be applied. There is no maximum date after fifteen days. To change the late fee date change the default fifteen to a higher number then press the “Edit Default Late Info” button.

Min Late Amount: Incomplete

Late Rate:
By law, five percent is the maximum chargeable to a late account after the “Min Late Days” has been meet. To lower this amount from the default five percent lower the number then press the “Edit Default Late Info” button.

Report Values Min Months Since Contract Date:
Max Days Late per Payment:
Max Number of Payments Late:

Tax Jurisdiction Add a new tax jurisdiction
Edit an existing tax jurisdiction

Add a new county
Edit an existing county

Locations Tab

tabLocation (10K)

Selecting Location
In the Current Locations Box choose the Location you wish to edit. 

Editing Location Information
Once the desired location is selected, go to the field that needs editing and change the data to the desired value then press the Edit Location Button. For example, to edit the above picture Tax Number field, which is 0, simply put the new value in that box and press Edit Location and a confirmation box will appear. Agree and the changes will be made. New values for the county field, car sales tax, and sales tax can be added in the "Default Values Tab". Then they are only selected for use by locations in the "Locations Tab".

Error Printing Tab

Currently, this part of the program is undergoing a major rewrite. We ask that you not use this tab until we add the new functionality that is intended to replace this in future versions.

tabErrorPrinting (17K)

Contract Defaults Tab

There are two subtabs under Contract Defaults. General Settings is the first tab, and is where you select your contract type and your contract printer. Various setting relating to these can be found grouped together.

tab_subGenPref (15K)

Contract Defaults Tab

tab_subMiscPref (18K)

Validation Tab

This tab is used to enter your validation code to unlock the program.

tabValidation (6K)